Would you travel without travel insurance?

Travel Insurance Buying Guide

Travelling abroad alone, with family or with friends can be fun and the opportunity to get exposed with new and exciting cultures is countless. On the other hand we are also exposed to travel inconveniences or unforeseen circumstances like getting sick, facing a natural disaster, flight delays, loss of travel documents and others.

This is the reason why it is important to secure travel insurance before going away, to have a peace of mind while on the trip. Setting aside some few dollars in premiums could keep you safe from untold grief and from spending thousands of dollars if your trip goes wrong. Here's a guide on buying a policy.
You can purchase the premium through our website. No need of a travel agent to assist you. Get a quote and just follow the steps in the buying process then you will get you certificate of insurance right after the purchase. Just make sure to read our policy wording before buying.

Most travel insurance plans vary in the coverage they provide. Check out some few highlights to look for when buying.

  • Medical Expenses abroad, check the amount of coverage 
  • Emergency Evacuation, accessibility to assist you abroad 
  • Trip Delay/Cancellation, check the amount 
  • Loss or Delayed Baggage, check the amount 
  • Loss of Document 
  • Theft of personal money 
  • Compassionate Return trip Home 
  • Many more…
  • Premiums vary on your choice. We have two types, single trip and multi-trip. The most popular one is the individual single trip bronze plan which starts at cost of S$23. If you are a frequent traveler (or travels more than five times a year), it is advisable to get a multi-trip premium as it can save you more.Yes, any changes to your heath before your date of departure must be declared to your insurer.
This is recommended for people who travel more than five times a year. Aside from the idea that it is cost-effective, it also gives you the convenience of going away for an extra trip without re-purchasing another policy.
When buying a travel insurance online, looking at the lowest price not really means it is the best. That is why it is really essential for you to always check the cover limits carefully.

As an industry leader, Allianz Travel's comprehensive plans give at least S$50,000 for overseas hospital confinement, S$1,400 Luggage Delay, S$1,500 travel delay, S25,000 for trip cancellation, S$7,500 for loss/damage of baggage and many more. To see full details, go to our holiday trip coverage page.
If you are traveling with health conditions, you have to ensure that you have disclosed them to the insurer. This is to confirm if the policy will provide coverage for any sudden treatment or to know whether there is a customized policy that would better suit to the condition.

When you are on a trip, it is important to consider the things that you will need to keep for claims purposes. These include flight tickets, original receipts & invoices of expenses while on the trip, medical certificates and many more. It is more advantageous to use credit card in purchasing items for you to easily retrieve receipts   when making a claim.

For more information, please go to our online claim portal.

Before you depart for your next trip, make sure you get protected with comprehensive world class international travel insurance, Allianz Travel.

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