Reasons You Need Annual Multi-trip Cover

9 Reasons You Need Annual Multi-Trip Cover

Do you take several trips overseas each year? Do you want to save time, hassle and money when it comes to organising your travel insurance cover? Do you expect fast, professional, 24-hour assistance if something goes wrong while you’re away? Then our annual multi-trip travel insurance is here for you. Here are eight reasons why you should choose an Allianz Travel Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan.
Reason You Need Annual Multi-Trip Cover

Travel overseas several times a year? Taking out annual cover could save you money.

What you could save: The above figures might reflect four x 5-day trips over a year: (for example) to Thailand, Bali, Taipei and Tokyo - compared to an annual worldwide plan.

Even the cost of buying single-trip travel insurance for two holidays of two weeks’ duration per year could equate to the cost of annual cover. For Singaporeans who travel often and want to know they’re covered for almost any eventuality, our annual cover is the perfect option.

Decided on a spontaneous weekend in bustling Taipei? Have a sudden desire to experience Bondi Beach in Australia? Need to relax for a few days in Bali? Your annual travel insurance policy has you covered*. You won’t need to go through the hassle of researching and buying cover each time you leave home. And you don't need to tell Allianz Travel where or when you're going - just make sure you select the correct destination area when you first take out the policy. Simply choose from three zones: ASEAN, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Worldwide.
Your time is valuable. You won't have to waste it organising travel cover every time you travel. Our annual cover is perfect for busy people who haven’t yet planned their overseas trips for the year: simply pack your bags and hop on a plane, bus or train. Just be sure to take your Allianz Travel policy details with you - so you or others can contact us if you encounter a problem such as falling ill, having your valuables stolen, or suffering a cancellation or delay. If you do need to make a claim, our three-step online claims portal saves you even more time.
Annual multi-trip cover offers great value for frequent travellers. So long as each trip is less than 90 days’ duration, we’ll cover* every overseas journey you make in the 12 months after you take out the policy.
Life doesn’t always go to plan. A loved one may have suffered a sudden illness, or work commitments might mean you have to reschedule your holiday. As with all our travel policies, with annual cover, if you have to change your travel dates you can do so and make a claim for costs incurred.

If you book a trip spontaneously then take out single-trip cover, you might not be able to enjoy cancellation or travel disruption protection. But with annual cover, you'll always be protected for such events - even if you decide to book a flight the very next morning!
Are you the kind of person who books your trips a long way in advance? With annual cover, trip cancellation benefits begin the day you take out your policy.
If you fall ill or have an accident overseas, you don't need the added stress of worrying about medical bills. If you choose Gold protection from Allianz Travel you'll enjoy unlimited cover* for 'Overseas Emergency Medical or Hospital Expenses Due to Sickness' and 'Overseas Emergency Medical, Hospital or Dental Expenses Due To Accident'. And if you select Silver cover you'll benefit from cover of up to S$ 1 ,000,000 for each of these - which for most medical claims is more than enough. Both plans also include evacuation and repatriation - our speciality.
If you take regular overseas trips with your family, the chances of something going wrong increase. Our Annual travel policy gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your breaks to their fullest. Added to this, Annual cover for families with Allianz Travel is great value for money. Simply select the number of people you want to protect when you get your quote - and enjoy greater travel protection for the ones you love.
At Allianz Travel we believe your overseas trips should be as relaxing and hassle-free as possible. Our annual cover gives you complete peace of mind when you leave Singapore - not only because you are insured*, but because you are insured* by a company that prides itself on fast, effective 24-hour assistance if and when you need it, and a claims submission process, meaning even less stress for you.
Allianz Travel is the go-to insurer for Singaporeans who demand swift assistance if something goes wrong - and a claims service that is simple and hassle-free. We know you don’t want a travel insurance claim hanging over your head when you've had a bad experience, which is why we're committed to delivering the best travel insurance claims service in Singapore. What’s more, our world-class cover costs less than you might think.
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