Why You Should Consider Taking A Cruise

Why You Should Consider Taking A Cruise


Once thought of as a holiday only for the older generation, cruises holidays are making a fierce comeback!

Whether you are looking to kick back and relax or live it up on a party ship, here is why your next holiday should be on a cruise.

A cruise offers a huge number of benefits and opportunities that may not present themselves otherwise. These include:
You can often jump on a cruise from your home country and sail to the destination, around it, and back again! Other far away cruises can offer this too, but of course it would take longer. There is also the option of flying one way and sailing back!
Hate the airport? Then the sea port will impress you. It is much quicker to check in and get on the ship. Also, rather than sitting in your little seat on the tarmac waiting to go, or sitting still travelling in the air itself, you can spend your travel time sipping a drink on the deck, swimming in the pool, watching a show… the list is endless.
This mode of transport needs no extra legroom. Cabins are relaxing, with beds, sofas, bathrooms and perhaps even balconies. Cruise ships are huge, almost like little towns, so there is plenty of space to stretch your legs.
There is no curling up in a cramped seat or fighting the stranger next to you for the middle arm rest. On a cruise you have a fully equipped cabin for rest and relaxation.
  • Other than waking up in a new city, or even country almost every day isn’t enough?
  • The ships themselves offer everything a high-end resort could. Often more! You can find pools, spas, children’s clubs, cinemas, bars, clubs, casinos, shops and more!
  • Large cruises feature amazing ocean view gyms filled with top of the range equipment and some great classes, including yoga, pilates and spin classes.
  • When it comes to food, cruise liners make sure you are well fed! Many offer all-inclusive options on food and drink with multiple restaurants and cuisines to choose from.

The choices here really are broad. You could sail around the Indian ocean, Hawaii, Caribbean, Europe and more! There are even 25-night cruises that take you through Indonesia to Australia and right round to Sydney! That beat’s a long flight!

The top cruise destinations from Singapore include the Caribbean, Malaysia, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

The best part about the cruises really have to be being able to visit multiple destinations without needing to fly between them. Simply hop on your ship, unpack in your cabin, and off you go!

If you take out a travel insurance policy with us then no, you do not need a different type of policy. When taking out your travel insurance you must state that the journey starts from Singapore and be able to show a full itinerary for your trip with us.

If you are thinking about saying yes to a cruise, you certainly will not regret it!

Here at Allianz Travel, all our travel insurance policies cover you for a cruise. To find out more, visit us here.

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